Fundraisers & Club Equipment

Fundraiser Projects

The Rosetown Photography Club has had several fundraiser projects to raise money for the Club.

In 2001, the negatives from Ritchie Studio, a photo studio which operated in Rosetown and Biggar between 1969 and 1992, were donated to the Rosetown Photography Club. Club members spent several years cataloging the more than 7,000 envelopes to create an alphabetized database. The objective is to return the negatives to the people in exchange for a donation to the Club. If you have had portraits taken during this time (wedding, graduation, family, baby) please contact the club to see if they have your negatives.

"Rosetown - a Look Back"
For the 2005 Rosetown Homecoming, RPC member Don Barbour created a DVD slideshow called Rosetown – a Look Back using scanned images from the Rosetown Archives set to music. The DVDs were sold, at $10 each, at the Homecoming and subsequently from two retail stores downtown. A revision is planned for the July 2009 Rosetown Centennial celebration.

"I Am Saskatchewan"  DVD
Another DVD slide show, called I Am Saskatchewan, was created by RPC member Stan Hingston for Saskatchewan’s 2005 Centennial. This slide show is based on a poem by the late Frances Scholer of Luseland, Saskatchewan. Photos illustrating each line were selected from hundreds submitted for the project by members of many Saskatchewan camera clubs. Copies of this DVD are still available for $5 + postage.
Scanning, printing and matting jobs for the Rosetown public is an ongoing fundraising activity.

Club Equipment

In addition to the obligatory (and soon to be obsolete?) Kodak slide projector, the Rosetown Photography Club owns the following equipment:
  • Logan 401 Intermediate mat cutter
  • Epson Perfection 4870 scanner
  • HP DesignJet 130 printer
  • Epson Powerlite 77c XGA digital projector
  • Laptop and PC computers
  • HP 8850 large format printer

Club members are now enjoying the ability to make large prints of their photographs easily and inexpensively. They can also create digital slide shows from their photographs (prints, negatives or slides).

In January of 2009 the RPC moved into a larger room in the library basement and built a 12’ workbench and a mat cutter table.

Logan 401 Mat Cutter & Table

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