Our Dark Sky Weekend was a great success -- thanks to all who came out.  There was 12 of us but had room for more.  Thanks to Colin & Tara for coming out to give us a hand & teach us more about night photography. The views were great.  A huge thanks to Dave Neufeld for being our tour guide through the Ancient Echos Grounds.  This place is one of Saskatchewan's hidden gems.
Our cooks did a great job of keeping our tummy's full -- hats off to our chef's and organizers of this event. Most of stayed in the Herschel Retreat House in Herschel.  You can even find this place in the Tourism Saskatchewan site.  Throughout the year it is booked for many different functions, such as artist little getaway, hunters & more.
Here are a few photos of our weekend at the Herschel Retreat House.  We were blessed with a clear sky to see the Milky Way plus we got a we bit of northern lights.

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